About Me


Hi! Welcome to my website, my name is Cameron.

As a recent graduate in Business Management I have undertook my journey in expanding my experience in the music and live events industry to fulfil my career ambitions and goals.

Besides my academic achievements, I have got over 4 years of experience in live events, whether that be in at music festivals or venues I have managed to gain experience in many different roles that have enabled me to understand how an event is put together and how they run successfully; you can check out some of my previous work on my portfolio page.

As well as live event experience, I have experience in public relations management within the music sector, where I interned at one of the UK’s leading agencies to understand the importance in the communication of information and reputation of a brand. I also have assisted in record label management, which helped me to understand the release strategies of an artist’s new music and how it is distributed in different ways to reach the listener.

My next aim is to work in record label marketing, using my previous skills as well as learning valuable new skills that will help me to build a successful career.

Thank you for reading, any questions please head over to my contact page.