Event Promoter

Over the three years of studying at University in Bath, I used my spare time in the first two years to help support club promoters with promotional activities and future event ideas, this enabled me to understand how club promotion works and also helped to spark an interest in promoting my own club nights. In my final year of university, I set out on a project of starting my own event promotion company.

Paragon Events

Defined as “Something regarded as the perfect example of a particular quality”.

I wanted to focus my events on promoting dance music artists, particularly house music and decided that Bath would not have the right demographic for this, so I chose to book a venue in Bristol. While not being too familiar with Bristol geographically, I had worked in a major club there, Motion Bristol and understood the type of demographic and music tastes the city favoured. Due to the on-going pandemic, I was only able to promote one event with the Paragon brand, back in January, which deemed very successful being a sell-out, but I had hoped to do a lot more this year.

Paragon Presents: Launch Party with Cousn

Paragon Launch Party Instagram Square

For the launch event of Paragon Events, I looked into up and coming fresh new artists that were generating attention in the house music scene but an artist that’s booking fee would not be too much as I was investing from my own capital and I did not want to charge a lot for tickets.

Cousn are a duo from Bristol, formed back in 2013, but now has big support from Pete Tong and Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1 and also supported Fat Boy Slim on his latest arena tour.

The outcome of the event turned out to a big success, with selling all the tickets for a 300 capacity venue and making back 3x the amount invested. The plan for Paragon was to host monthly events at the same venue in Bristol which was arranged with the venue manager due to the initial success of the launch event, but due to Covid-19 I have had to put this on hold for the time being, but I look forward to when I can promote my next event.